Residential Treatment

Pine Ridge maintains two residential treatment centers in Southern California.  The Lucerne Valley facility is coed and located in the high desert approximately 20 miles east of Victorville.  It is situated on 10 acres and provides patient bungalows, a large group meeting room, laundry facilities, and a full kitchen and dining room.  The other facility in Running Springs is located in the San Bernardino Mountains at about the 6,000 foot elevation.  The Running Springs Residential Program is primarily for individuals on probation or parole and require help reentering the community.

Both facilities are easily accessible to California freeways and Ontario International Airport.  Pine Ridge provides transportation from Ontario International Airport.  In some cases, we may also provide air, rail or bus transportation for patients traveling within the Western United States  (west of the Mississippi River). 

Pine Ridge Treatment Centers utilize a multidisciplinary team of professionals under the direction of Dr. Shahrouz Ghodsian, M.D. a specialist in Addiction Medicine.  Each staff member is professionally certified and has experience with twelve step groups and other community based interventions.
At the time of admission, a thorough assessment is completed in order to determine the appropriateness of services and develop a treatment plan that is therapeutically effective.  The treatment plan will help incorporate the strengths, needs, abilities and preferences of each individual and include any discharge concerns. 


Patients learn that chemical dependency is a chronic illness.  Through a series of films, lectures and prescribed readings, the patient also learns the dynamics of his/her disease.  Skills are taught for achieving and maintaining recovery.


One-on-one counseling helps the patient see life as it really is, without the stimulus of alcohol and/or drugs.  An acceptance of the disease and the realization that recovery is possible provides hope and the knowledge that recovery will lead to a positive new lifestyle.   


With group support, defenses that block recovery are explored.  In group counseling patients develop skills needed to achieve a life free from alcohol and drugs. 


Chemical Dependency is a disease that affects the entire family.  Pine Ridge offers counseling for family members as they break down the barriers of denial that insulate the individual and family from recovery.  Pine Ridge offers family education with individual, group, and joint counseling sessions. 


The basic components of all Pine Ridge programs are the philosophies of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon.   When the residential stay is completed, each patient will have a working knowledge of these programs. 

Continuing Care is available as part of the completion of any of the Residential Programs.  Reporting of progress is available to any qualified employer, EAP, SAP, MAP Coordinator or other approved agency.