Alcohol & Drug Education Program

Meets most Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements

Pine Ridge recognizes there are individuals who could be described as alcohol and chemical abusers, rather than chemically dependent. 

Common problems:  accidents on the job, positive drug screens on the job or issues at school. 

Many are under the direction of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) or Employee Assistance Persons (EAP). 

Working with industry and unions, Pine Ridge has developed educational programs to meet the requirements of most substance abuse professionals, employee assistance programs and union member assistance programs. 

Often the only need is to learn about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

We have developed 2 sections.  Each component is 5 sessions long.  If the individual only requires 5 sessions, Section I will stand alone.  If 10 sessions are required, Section II can be added.  This will allow flexibility based on SAP or EAP requirements.

  • Designed for drug abuse, not dependence
  • Documentation provided
  • Drug testing provided
  • Two section approach
  • Affordable cost